Glossary of Titles and Ranks found in the Genealogy Chart
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Disave   Governor of an administrative province. Always held by a colonial administrator (who took on a Singhalese title). 
Adigar      Chief officer of State. The Adigar took precedence over all in the hierarchy of chiefs and was the highest post held by a native.
Korale; Coraal     A district; an administrative unit of a Disave; person in authority over a Korale     (see map below) 
Vidahn  Village level headman whose duties included keeping the peace. Maha (chief) Vidane, Vidane Aratchchi are titles conferred on a vidane.

Chief headman; administrator of a Korale (military); used as a honorary title from the mid-nineteenth century. ( see separate story )

Maha Mudaliyar Chief Mudaliyar assisting the Governor as translator and interpreter. Largely ceremonial after 1833.
Mudaliyar of the Governors Gate Mudaliyar who performs the functions of a Translator and Interpreter; Gate - Governors house; Highest Mudaliyar title. Titular
Muhandiram  Title of rank; honorary title; assistant to a mudaliyar (military); honorary title conferred on native officials in the administrative hierarchy.
Lascorins  Native Militiamen; eligible for military service under Rajakariya. 

The term Lascorijn (Lascorins) is derived from the Persian word 'Lashkari' meaning one who serves in a laskar or camp. In some Dutch works the word 'Lascar' is used to indicate a sailor from the east. In Ceylon its original meaning of a soldier survives up to date.

Lascorins were divided in to 'ranchuwas' ('randje'), each consisting of two to three native headmen, Mohandiram, Arachchies or Kankanis and 24 rank and file. Several 'ranchus' were under the Mudaliyar of a Korale.

Source: Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon 1640 - 1796, M. W. Jurriaanse, 1943.

Sabandaar Member of the Dutch Court;
Opperhoofd Chief Resident of a province during Dutch times, similar to a Govt. Agent.
(The provincial administrations of Galle and Jaffna was under a Commandeur. The other stations were placed under an Opperhoofd or President, usually with the rank of Onderkoopmen. The Governor was based in Colombo.)
Cochin Indian port city in the Malabar coast,  Kerala state. (click for map)
Korale Map depicting the administrative districts, known as Korales. (click for map)