FTP Charles David De Fonseka

Charles David De Fonseka started a successful vinegar business in Eluvila, Panadura in 1896 under the name of C. D. De Fonseka and Sons, which is still being run very successfully by his grand son Rohantha De Fonseka. Charles David had twelve children. The Family Tree given below is incomplete, and any help to fill in the blanks are most welcome.

Eluvila is situated on the Horana road, and the picture below shows the ancestral home.


Charles David de Fonseka married (Unknown).

  • Charles L de Fonseka married (Unknown).

    • Amitha de Fonseka Md Ranjini

  • Charles Dickman de Fonseka married Doris Balasooriya.

    • Sriya de Fonseka md Kosala

      • Shehan de Fonseka.

    • Mahendra de Fonseka md Estella

      • Mahendra Charles de Fonseka

    • Priyanga de Fonseka md Devika (Australia)

      • Ravi de Fonseka

      • Neela de Fonseka

    • Premica de Fonseka

    • Chrisantha (Chris) de Fonseka (USA)

  • Ebert de Fonseka married Renee Melder.

  • Cyril Arnold de Fonseka married Kusuma Dias.

  • Eric Bertram de Fonseka married Constance de Waas Gunewardena.

    • Sri Nimal de Fonseka

    • Yasoja de Fonseka md Athukorala

    • Rohantha de Fonseka md Yamuna

      • Duneesha de Fonseka

      • Dilanga de Fonseka

      • Sachini de Fonseka

    • Dayani de Fonseka md Wimalanath

  • Noel de Fonseka married Seelat Fernando.

    • Nihal de Fonseka md Sandya

      • Niranjala de Fonseka

  • Beatrice de Fonseka married Fred Abeysuriya.

    • Punya Abeysuriya md Rohini

    • Luckshan Abeysuriya md Barbara

    • Sarath Abeysuriya md Sriyani

    • Ranjith Abeysuriya md Indrani

    • Nalendra Abeysuriya md Shama

    • Jayampathi Abeysuriya md Ramya

    • Suranganee Abeysuriya md Manolal

  • Kate de Fonseka married Aleric Abeygunawardena.

    • Manolal Abeygunawardena md Suranganee

    • NelumĀ  Abeygunawardena md Mahendra

    • Kumar Abeygunawardena md (Unknown)

    • Anoma Abeygunawardena md UpaliĀ 

  • Sybil de Fonseka married Herbert Wijekulasooriya.

    • Nilanthi Wijekulasuriya md Tissa

    • Isha Wijekulasuriya md Roshan

  • Dulcie Violet de Fonseka married Walter de Silva.

  • Sita de Fonseka married Dharmadasa De Silva.

    • Lal de Silva md Amal

    • Enoka de Silva md Shanthi

Photograph and Data courtesy of Duneesha de Fonseka.