And of all the different people, peopling this earth,
                           Each and everyone, has his or her own unique worth.’    
Kelly Curiel

A kaleidoscope of people called ‘de Fonseka’, their often colliding characters, the ones who made it, the ones who did not, their successes, their failures, their triumphs and their agonies…..these are their stories, collated and written down before their disappear from the world forever.

This page contains stories of interest, personal communications, family lore, anecdotes and memories of people and events, stories  that has come down over the generations or has lain buried in memories or publications. Some stories have been gathered from personal interviews. While most of the stories are verified with supporting documentation, some are based purely on personal communications.

In this page we also remember and pay tribute to people who have bought glory and honor to the family name. They have excelled in their chosen fields and have contributed immensely to the society which they lived in. Some of the appreciations and tributes of family members that have appeared in newspapers and journals have been reproduced.

J.P. De Fonseka – The Literary Giant

Top amongst our list is the illustrious Joseph Peter De Fonseka (1897 – 1948), eminent author, lay OMI and a Papal Chamberlain. J P was a literary giant and a legend among ...
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J. P de Fonseka and G. K. Chesterton

J. P. De Fonseka was one of the greatest English writers Ceylon ever produced. He has been compared  with the the best of English essayists like Charles Lamb, E. V ...
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A Question of Substance. (1658).

Michael de Fonseka, the earliest recorded ‘de Fonseka’ raised the most acute question ever asked by anyone from the Dutch Priest by the name of Baldaeus, who accompanied the Dutch expedition ...
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Arise, Sir Susantha

Kalutaravedage Deepal Susantha de Fonseka was born at the turn of the century (1900) in Panadura. He was a grandson of the legendary Sri Chandrasekera of Panadura. His father Dr ...
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Our man in Cochin

Don Louys D’andrado was part of the Dutch expedition which lay siege to Cochin in 1663. The city of Cochin today is a rapidly developing city in the southern Indian ...
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The Sunday Quiz

J. P De Fonseka and the authorship debate: A quiz published in the Dallas Morning News, Texas USA in recent times, highlights an amazing theory proposed by J.P. de Fonseka ...
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A Letter for you Sir!

A simplified addressing system invented by J. P. De Fonseka in the 1940’s may have been the precursor to the email addressing protocols used today. During my research into the ...
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Lionel de Fonseka – Les Eaux de Lumiere

This magnificent and rare book, written entirely in French by Lionel de Fonseka in 1953, discusses the appearances of Virgin Mary in Fatima, Portugal and the Eastern and Western views ...
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Lionel de Fonseka – De La Verite Dans L’art

DE LA VERITE DANS L’ART Lionel de Fonseka Varnasuriya – Copyrights by Editions CHITRA, Paris, 1930 DIALOGUE ENTRE UN ORIENTAL ET UN OCCIDENTAL This book, again written entirely in French ...
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Devar Surya Sena

In his autobiography ,”Of Sri Lanka I Sing”, Devar Surya Sena recalls his connections to the De Fonseka families of Kalutara. Devar Surya Sena was born Herbert Charles Jacob Pieris, ...
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The curse of the D’ Andrados and D’Andrado slaves

When Manuel D’Andrado accompanied the Dutch to capture Jaffna from the Portuguese, he got involved with the wife of a Tamil Mudaliyar, with disastrous consequences for both. When Manuel D’Andrado ...
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The Ladies’ Lady

Ladies College honours Bertha de Fonseka at its centennial celebration. (includes some interesting insights in to the racing career of Edmund Clarence de Fonseka.) “My explanation, which was accepted, was ...
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The story of Pat Gooneratna

“Salgado Bakery had a running account for him where the bills were paid initially through furniture and fittings and eventually the proprietor of the bakery took possession of the house ...
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The Babylon Stakes

In his book ‘Running in the Family’, Booker Prize winning author Michael Ondaatje writes about the evergreen E. C. de Fonseka Jnr. ‘I think all of our lives have been ...
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Menaka de Fonseka Sahabandu

Menaka de Fonseka Sahabandu – Personality of the Week; by Ilika Karunaratne. From the Daily News of 15th March 2003 Our personality this week is one of Sri Lanka’s nightingales ...
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Professor Earle de Fonseka ( T. E. G de Fonseka)

Professor Earle de Fonseka was a case of exemplary talent in two fields – Music and Medicine. He qualified his M.B.B.S in 1948 and was appointed professor in 1968. He ...
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Dr. Patrick John de Fonseka

Dr. Patrick John de Fonseka contributed immensely to the treatment and containment of Leprosy in the 60’s, when Leprosy sufferers were ostracised by society. He worked hard to remove the ...
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Captain Janaka Francis Sean De Fonseka RSP

Over 300 years after Don Michael De Fonseka took part in the siege and capture of the Portuguese occupied Jaffna Fort, another family member saw active duty in the present ...
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Dr. C. P. de Fonseka.

It is with sincere regret that we record the lamented death of Dr. Clarence Pedro Fonseka on the 20th September, at his residence, ” Palm Grove,” in Panadura. With unremitting ...
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K. S. C. de Fonseka

The 12th death anniversary of Kalutaravedage Sarath Chandra de Fonseka fell on November 25, 2008. He was the former Port Commissioner and with the formation of the Sri Lanka Ports ...
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Douglas de Fonseka (1929-2010)

A  planter, stock car racing driver, Gentleman Rider, Boxer, Risk-taker, Billiard player, chorister, Rifle shooter, active Lion , Rotarian, Dog lover and True friend. He was a Sri Lankan and ...
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