Notes on Jaffna 3 – The Ceylon Almanac

No 3. The Ceylon Almanac and Compendium of Useful Information for the year MDCCCXLIX (P. 94)

No. 3 – This is an official publication of the Government of Ceylon, annually compiled by the officers of the Secretariat and printed. The present work was compiled, when the Right Hon. Viscount Torrington was Governor of Ceylon, and Sir J. E. Tennent, the eminent writer and historian, Colonial Secretary, and printed at the Government Press by J. Gilgot. It contains full and detailed information on the Civil, Judicial and Military establishments of the Island for the year 1849 and on other miscellaneous matters. It is now superseded by the Blue-Book. In the Chronological Table of Events connected with Ceylon given in the work, the following item is recorded

1658. Sept. A conspiracy formed against the Dutch at Jaffna by Don Louis PoodaTamby and some Portuguese is discovered by Don Man­uel de Andrado, Modliar, and the conspirators executed.

The Chronological Table of events given in No 3, from which the above is quoted, was compiled by British Government officials from original documents kept in the Colonial Archives.

Details from the book Notes on Jaffna, American Ceylon Mission Press, Tellippalai, Ceylon 1923. The entire appendix has been used to discuss the Andrado – Poothathamby story.