Family of Henry Fredrick de Fonseka 
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Henry Fredrick de Fonseka (d 11/12/1961) md Alice D'Issabella Fernando.




Mudaliyar Henry Fredrick de Fonseka
Dressed in the full Mudaliyar Attire, this photograph may have been taken on the day he was appointed 22/06/1911.
Mrs. Henry Fredrick de Fonseka and Family.
The wife and five daughters of Henry Fredrick de Fonseka. This photograph has been taken on the day of Henrietta's Engagement. (1916)
Lorna and Errol with Mrs. Alice de Fonseka.
Lorna and Errol de Fonseka with their grandmother Alice de Fonseka. (around 1927).
Group Photo 1931
Group Photograph taken at the wedding of Clarice de Fonseka and Stanislaus Ranasinghe (26/01/1931). 
above photographs courtesy of Nimal Ranasinghe.
Mudaliyar Henry Fredrick's 'Walawwa' Today
The old 'Walawwa' still exists at 116/1 Horton Place and is earmarked for demolition.

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