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Simon Richard de Fonseka (Mudaliyar Salpiti Korale and Mudaliyar of the Governor's Gate) married in 1883, ( Louisa, daughter of Juan de Silva Jayasingha (d1902). Born 1854, Invested rank of Mudaliyar by Sir Arthur Havelock, Mudaliyar of Salpiti Korale 10th September 1907, and Mudaliyar of the Governor's Gate, 22nd June 1911.

Mudaliyar S. R. De Fonseka was a prominent figure at his time and campaigned for the Karava. He was also one de Fonseka who achieved political stature, and was involved in the many campaigns to the then Legislative Council.

Family Tree of Mudaliyar S. R De Fonseka :


Wedding of S. R. De Fonseka Junior, around 1916, taken at 'Arcadia'.

Grand Entrance:
White 'Pavada' on the ground and Lascoreen Guards, all traditional trappings of a Karava wedding of that time.
Decorated Marquee :
The inside of the beautifully decorated Marquee or 'Magul Maduwa'. 
Wedding Group :
SR Jnr., Henrietta and group. On extreme left is Erica, (daughter of E. C. de Fonseka), Bestman is Lionel Stanley de Fonseka (Brother) and two of the maids are Clarice and Elene de Fonseka.
The Wedding Cake :
Mammoth by today's standards, it needed a separate room of it's own.
The 'Going Away' :
Behind the couple, in the Mudaliyar uniform is S. R. de Fonseka Snr. Part of 'Arcadia' could be seen in the background.
above Photographs courtesy of Kamini de Soyza.

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