The Seven Sisters - The family of Lindon Jussey de Silva
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Watercolor painting of LouisaThe de Fonseka family connection with the de Silva family begins with Susannah, who married S. R. de Fonseka Senior. Susannah was the eldest daughter of Lindon Jussey de Silva, an immensely wealthy entrepreneur. She had six other sisters in her family (and no brothers) and hence they became popularly known as the 'Seven Sisters'.

Mudaliyar S. R. de Fonseka was first married to Louisa de Silva Jayasinghe (pictured left). Louisa  was the eldest daughter of Juan de Silva Jayasinghe and married  Mudaliyar S. R. de Fonseka in 1883. This fact is recorded in the book 20th Century Impressions. They had six children, viz. Simon Richard Junior, Lydia Florence, Lionel Stanley,  Muriel Leticia, Louisa Bridget, and May Elaine. Louisa died in 1902 and the time the book was produced in 1903, the family is shown standing around a photograph of Louisa.

However with as per detailed family tree of the Jussey de Silva family reproduced below, it is assumed that S. R. de Fonseka married for a second time, and that this marriage was to Susannah.

This page traces the family trees of all the seven sisters. Their descendents in later days made up a large number of interconnected and influential families in the country.

These family tree details have been kindly provided by Jith de Fonseka. Some of the entries may be incorrect and/or incomplete, as the charts were drawn mainly from memory and from personal recollections. Any additional details and corrections are most welcome from any of the family members.

Pedro de Silva

|                                                |
Chevalier Jusey de Silva                         Issabella Maria


Lindon Jussey de Silva married Issabella Maria de Silva.
(Issabella was the brother of Chevalier Jussey de Silva and the daughter of Pedro de Silva.)