Notes on Jaffna - A Disputed point of Local History
John H. Martyn, 1923.
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Yalpana Chariththiram or the history of Jaffna” by S. John (Page 58) 1882.

No. 6. The second edition of this work by Mr. S. John, a native pastor of the American Mission of Jaffna, was published in 1882. To avoid tedious repetitions, which a translation will in­flict upon the reader, I may say that this work gives practically the same version of the story as the Vaipava-Malai, with this dif­ference only: that Kayilaya-Vanniyan, the brother-in-law of Putha­thamby, went to Colombo, instituted legal proceedings against Andrado and the Governor of Jaffnapatam and had them sum­moned to Colombo.

Details from the book Notes on Jaffna, American Ceylon Mission Press, Tellippalai, Ceylon 1923. The entire appendix has been used to discuss the Andrado - Poothathamby story.