Selestina Dandrado (nee De Silva).

Death Notice including the chief mourners and the attendees from the ‘Ceylon Independent’ newspaper of Thursday, 17th of May, 1917.


The death occurred at Mount Pleasant on Sunday night of Selestina, relict of the late Sebastian de Andrado, at the age of 69. She was hale and hearty on Saturday morning but following a sudden attack of paralysis she passed away. She was the great grand daughter of an Adigar and was wedded to the grand son of an Adigar. A short service was held at her residence by Rev. Father Eune, assisted by the St. Joseph’s Choir. The cortege left the residence and at St. Joseph’s Church, Grandpass, the ceremony of the Roman Catholic Church was gone through.

At the Cemetery the following acted as pallbearers: 
Mudaliyar Harry de Fonseka, Mr. Fredrick de Fonseka, Mr. E. C. de Fonseka, Mr. Godwin de Fonseka. The same priest held another service at the graveside.

The chief mourners were:

  • Mr. And Mrs. John de Andrado.     (son and daughter-in-law)
  • Mr. And Mrs. Francis de Fonseka (son-in-law and daughter)
  • Mr. And Mrs. Stephen Rowel.
  • Mr. And Mrs. Cyril Rowel.
  • Mr. And Mrs. Fred Abeysekera.
  • Master Dodwel Abeysekera and the Misses Abeysekera

Among those present were:

  • Mudaliyar Harry de Fonseka.
  • Mr. Fredrick de Fonseka.
  • Mrs. Charles de Fonseka.
  • Miss. Cecilia de Fonseka.
  • Abeysekera Lama Etani.
  • Mrs. Samarasuriya.
  • Mrs. James de Fonseka.
  • Mr. E. C. de Fonseka.
  • Mr. L. E. O. Peries.
  • Mr. S. R. de Fonseka Jnr.
  • Dr. D. C. de Fonseka.
  • Mrs. Francis Fernando.
  • Mrs. Osthmuller.
  • Mrs. H. Osthmuller.
  • Mr. George Osthmuller.
  • Mrs. Henry Gunasekera and Miss Gunasekera.
  • Mr. and Mrs. A Abeysekera.
  • Mrs. F. J. de Mel.
  • Mrs. Jim Mendis.
  • Mr. Edwin Abeysekera.
  • Mr. Francis de Fonseka.
  • Mr. Dionysius Wijenaike.
  • Mr. Henry de Fonseka.
  • Mr. J. H. C. de Silva
  • Mr. Walter de Silva.
  • Mr. Hector de Andrado.
  • Mr. F. B. Jamel.
  • Mr. John E. de Fonseka.
  • Mr. P. B. de Fonseka.
  • Mr. Peter Fonseka.
  • Mr. P. I. De Silva.
  • Mr. Vincent de Silva.
  • Mr. Godwin de Fonseka.
  • Mrs. Peter Gunaratne.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. M. de Silva.
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. D. S. A. Wijenaike and Misses Wijenaike.
  • Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Fernando.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ferdinands.
  • Mrs. Mase.
  • Dr. Anthony Pillai.
  • Dr. J. L. Fermamdo.
  • Mr. Jeramias Fernando.
  • Mr. J. Anwardt.
  • Mr. C. F. Wijesinghe.
  • Mr. Samarasinghe, Notary.
  • Mr. Cornelius.
  • Mr. J. Don Jobs.
  • Mr. J. P de Seram.
  • Mr. V. L. Perera.
  • Mr. W. L. Perera.
  • Mr. Edward Wijekoon.
  • Mr. Clarence de Silva Wijeratne.
  • Mr. Paul de Silva.
  • Mr. B. Timothy Perera.
  • Mr. R. A. Fernando.
  • Mr. Martinus Fernando.
  • Mr. T. Don Alexander.
  • Mr. T. Don Vincent.
  • Mrs. Jeronis Fernando.
  • Mrs. J. P Goonatileke.
  • Mr. W. Robert Fernando.
  • Mr. Franciscu Randuru
  • Mr. R. A. Caldera.
  • Mr. J. Pinto.
  • Mr. Luke Fonseka
  • and others.