The Mission

At a time when families are getting distributed globally, and at a time where rapid changes are taking place, there arises a need to anchor all that in one place, and to bring perspective to who we are.

The pursuit of family history in this site was shaped by two motives, a sense of responsibility to preserve the past for future generations, and to use the new medium of the internet to share, collate and bring the family’s past and present together.

The website was developed with a clear mission to document and present the rich documented history the family possessed. The site hopes to keep memories alive and allow each new generation to have an idea of who they are and where they come from.

Objectives of the web site are:

  • To increase our knowledge of our past, by undertaking research, by collaborating, compiling and storing material relating to the ‘de Fonseka’ and associated families.
  • To document and electronically make available all such information, before the information sources such as older family members, books, notes, manuscripts and photos are lost forever.
  • To bring a greater awareness about the ‘de Fonseka’ and related family genealogies and histories to persons or groups carrying the family names, and to the community in general.
  • To bring a greater awareness of the Karava caste and its history to members of the caste, and to the community in general.
  • To be a facilitator and a resource bank to anyone researching their ‘de Fonseka’ family roots and help and support the genealogy community in their research.
  • To be a focal point for all of the de Fonseka families, now geographically distributed over the world.

This Web Site hopes to use the new medium of the Internet and it’s associated technologies to achieve the above stated objectives.