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As per standard genealogy practice (and due to the possibility of identity theft) no date or place of birth, or marriage date will be shown on any screens or reports in this website, if the person is alive or if there is a possibility that the person is still alive.  The contact details, which are available in some family trees, have been included with the expressed permission of that person or persons, with the view of keeping the extended family in touch at all times. It was felt that the new medium of the Internet was the best way to keep the geographically distributed families in touch. This will not be used for any sort of unsolicited mail or for any commercial purposes.

No private information will be released except with the expressed permission of the person that the information applies to. No email or contact addresses used to contact the website will be released without the permission of the address owner.


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For your convenience, contains links to other genealogical web sites or sites of historical interest that complements the information contained in this website. These sites are not maintained or controlled by me, and I am not responsible for their content. I have made a good faith effort to link only to tasteful, appropriate sites. The views expressed in these sites are that of their site owners, and may contain inappropriate or objectionable material to your liking. If you find such material while using the site, please notify me immediately.


This site does not promote the cause of any race, gender, nation of origin, religion, caste or any other reason, which is generally viewed as an illegal or distasteful trait or manner of conduct. Information such as caste studies, contained in this website is there for informational purposes and portrays the views of the original authors of a bygone era.  It does not in any way espouse or imply the supremacy of one race or caste over another.