De Fonseka families of Panadura

While much has been discussed and documented about the De Fonseka families of Kalutara, several other clearly distinguishable De Fonseka family groups  can be identified in a study of the ‘De Fonseka’ surname. 

One such group is the De Fonseka families originating from Panadura. Predominantly Buddhists, there seems to be a large crowd of de Fonseka families distributed in and around Panadura. So far in my research I have not been able to find a connection between the two family groups, the only clue being the ‘Ge’ name of Kalutarawedage in these families. Hopefully future research may  give the answers to these questions.

The most notable amongst the family group  was Hon. Sir Susantha De Fonseka O.B.E, member of the 1931 State Council. 

Some of the family information collected is listed below

Family Trees :

Kalutarawedage Francis Fonseka (Merchant, of Panadure) married Appolonia Gunewardene Fonseka (source 20th Century Impressions)

  • Kalutarawedage Clarence Solomon de Fonseka md Unknown.
                Full Family Tree Details.

  • Kalutarawedage Clarence Peduru de Fonseka (Dr.) (B. 1856 at Moratuwa) md Leanora Sri Chandrasekera.
                Full Family Tree Details.

  • Kalutarawedage A de Fonseka.

  • Kalutarawedage Lenora de Fonseka md Merennage Caronelis Fernando (Ayurvedic Physician)
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Family Tree of Salmon De Fonseka

Family Tree of Charles David De Fonseka

Family Tree of Madigapola Charles Thomas de Fonseka (1898).

Family Tree of Joseph (Joe) Marshall De Fonseka.

Family of Bano De Fonseka.
Nimal De Fonseka.
anjith De Fonseka.
Cebert De Fonseka.

The input of the following has been invaluable in collating the family histories of the Panadura De Fonseka clans.

  1. Dhyan de Fonseka, Panadura
  2. Rohan P. Fernando (UK).
  3. Manora Weerasuriya
  4. Indra Puvimanasinghe.
  5. Anthony de Fonseka (Deceased)
  6. Duneesha de Fonseka, Panadura
  7. Channa de Fonseka (Panadura)
  8. Christopher de Fonseka
  9. Lakshan de Fonseka, Hong Kong