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De Fonseka

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Featured article

Island in the Stream

This story is about the little Island between the two sections of the Kalutara Bridge. Known as ‘Diyambetalawatte’ or ‘Gangawatte’, the Island was granted to Pedro de Fonseka by the Dutch Government. Decades later, the British administration acquired part of this land to build a bridge and his son Bastian de Fonseka was compensated for the loss.


Recent Updates

The Forgotten Classic

Social media platforms bring out many interesting things. In this case, my interest in classic cars, drew me to a recent conversation on a Turner sports car restoration in Sri Lanka. What was more interesting about the post was the fact that the car in question, a very rare two seater sports car made by

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Ascot Avenue

This posh residential area in Colombo owes its name to race horse owner, Major Edmund Clarence de Fonseka. During the early part of the century, Edmund Clarke de Fonseka owned some of the largest and the best Plumbago mines in this country. These were at Hikgaha, Goluwanmulle and Himbutamulle. The Plumbago produced from these mines

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De Fonseka Road

De Fonseka Road, which connects Dickman’s Road and Vajira Road in the prestige residential area of Havelock Town in Colombo, was named after Mudaliyar Simon Richard De Fonseka. The lane which branches off from this road, and now connects up with the Duplication Road near the popular shopping mall ‘House of Fashion’ is also named

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The Sunday Quiz

A quiz published in the Dallas Morning News, Texas USA in recent times, highlights an amazing theory proposed by J.P. de Fonseka to the literary world in 1938. This contribution by J.P  to a world famous authorship debate, is one of the lesser known things about J.P. The Internet has always been a source of

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That Awful Chesterton

Anyone studying his analyses of social nuisances will be struck by his wat of finding the whole source   of the mischief in the wickedness of somebody’s heart and his seeming inability to go further than deliver an eloquent sermon and indignant pronouncement of blame upon some person or persons. This line of thought could have

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The McCullum Gold Medal of S. R. de Fonseka

Another medal in the possession of the De Fonseka family is the gold medal received by S. R. De Fonseka (Mudaliyar), commemorating his investiture as a Mudaliyar of the Governors gate. The medal has been presented by Governor Henry Edward McCallum on the 22nd of June, 1911. A picture of a similar medal also appears in

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A virtual tour of Kotte

This page hopes to take you on a virtual tour of the remains of Kotte. It is not an exhaustive analysis of the place, but a virtual glimpse of the main features remaining to be seen by a visitor today. We start our journey from the entrance to present day Athul Kotte ( which was

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E. C. de Fonseka and the Royal Star & Garter Home

In 1922, the Star and Garter Home in Richmond-Upon-Thames, UK, was the beneficiary of a substantial donation from a Sri Lankan philanthropist, Edmund Clarke de Fonseka M.B.E.  The Royal Star and Garter Home for Disabled Ex-Service men and women stands high on Richmond Hill in magnificent surroundings overlooking the river Thames. This unique home offers the

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