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De Fonseka

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Featured article

Island in the stream

If you have traveled across the Kalutara Bridge you may notice that the bridge is built in two sections, using the island in the middle of the river to shorten the span. This story is about this little Island. Known as ‘Diyambetalawatte’ or ‘Gangawatte’, the Island was granted to Pedro de Fonseka by the Dutch Government. Decades later, the British administration acquired part of this land to build a bridge and his son Bastian de Fonseka was compensated for the loss incurred.


Recent Updates

E. C. de Fonseka and the Royal Star & Garter Home

In 1922, the Star and Garter Home in Richmond-Upon-Thames, UK, was the beneficiary of a substantial donation from a Sri Lankan philanthropist, Edmund Clarke de Fonseka M.B.E.  The Royal Star and Garter Home for Disabled Ex-Service men and women stands high on Richmond Hill in magnificent surroundings overlooking the river Thames. This unique home offers the

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Family Heirlooms – Artefacts from the past

Decorative Comb – (Bastian de Fonseka 1770) Head ornaments were part of the attire of men of high position such as Mudaliyar, Muhandiram and other officials. The family has retained to date a comb used by Bastian de Fonseka, Muhandiram (Act of appointment 5-10-1770). The comb made of what is popularly known as ‘Tortoise Shell’,

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Arise, Sir Susantha

Kalutaravedage Deepal Susantha de Fonseka was born at the turn of the century (1900) in Panadura. He was a grandson of the legendary Sri Chandrasekera of Panadura. His father Dr C. P. De Fonseka married Muthutantrige Leonora Fernando Sri Chandrasekara a daughter of Muthuthanthrige Simon Fernando Sri Chandrasekera, one of the largest purchasers of crown

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Interrupted Genius: Donald Friend and the City of Galle

Donald Friend 1915-89 Donald Friend, who is often referred to as “the great wine of Australian Art”, was born in Sydney on 6th February 1915. He studied with Dattilo Rubbo at the Royal Art Society of New South Wales in 1934 and under Bernard Meninsky and Mark Gertler at the Westminster School of Art, London.

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The McCullum Gold Medal of S. R. de Fonseka

Another medal in the possession of the De Fonseka family is the gold medal received by S. R. De Fonseka (Mudaliyar), commemorating his investiture as a Mudaliyar of the Governors gate. The medal has been presented by Governor Henry Edward McCallum on the 22nd of June, 1911. A picture of a similar medal also appears in

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The Forgotten Classic

Social media platforms bring out many interesting things. In this case, my interest in classic cars, drew me to a recent conversation on a Turner sports car restoration in Sri Lanka. What was more interesting about the post was the fact that the car in question, a very rare two seater sports car made by

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De Fonseka Road

De Fonseka Road, which connects Dickman’s Road and Vajira Road in the prestige residential area of Havelock Town in Colombo, was named after Mudaliyar Simon Richard De Fonseka. The lane which branches off from this road, and now connects up with the Duplication Road near the popular shopping mall ‘House of Fashion’ is also named

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Appreciation – Jith De Fonseka

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth, you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” Kahlil Gibran  I wish to thank the Almighty God for His grace that is upon me to pen these thoughts about my late husband, Jith de Fonseka. Even though

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