Associated Families

In this section  we look at the references to the clan families thru the genealogy table of  the Varnakula Addittiya Arasanilayitta clan referred to in the genealogy documents.  These families of were part of the six families with a distinct rank and status as chieftains of the Karava clans. Varnakula was one of the great ‘Surya’ clans of the Karava caste. (the other two being ‘Kurukulasuriya’ and Arasakulasuriya’). 

De Fonseka / D'andrado / De Rowel / Lowe / Tamel Genealogy Chart

Click on the picture above to open the genealogy chart. This is a reproduction of a large genealogy chart prepared and printed by S. R. de Fonseka, and given to family members in the 1930s. 

The genealogy charts are presented in HTML format and will load much faster. It also contains additional family details and links not found in the genealogy chart including sources of information, references and dates and links to family trees which trace their descendants to date.

               The Genealogies of the D’andrado families of Kalutara
               The Genealogies of the Lowe families of Marawila.
               The Genealogies of the De Rowel families of Marawila.
               The Genealogies of the Tamel (de Melho) families of Kammala.
               The Genealogies of the Tissera families of Negambo.  


Connected families

varnakula fernando families

The Fernando families of Marawila and Thamabarawila have been very closely associated with the Lowe families through Inter marriages. This page looks at the family tree of Varnakulasuriya Adrian Fernando, Muhandiram of Kammala.

The Genealogies of the Varnakula Fernando families of Negambo.

The seven sisters

The Lyndon Jusey De Silva family or the Seven Sisters, are connected by marriage.

The Lindon Jussey de Silva family 

Don Bastian De Silva Jayasuriya

Don Bastian de Silva Jayasuriya was a prominent owner of ‘maadal’ in Galle. Two of his daughters, Justina and Nona Baba Hamine, married into the de Fonseka family of Kalutara.

Don Bastian de Silva Jayasuriya

The Lowe family genealogy details, the Varnakula Fernando family details and photograph of the Marawila families, courtesy Dr Germain Fernando of Brisbane, Australia.)