Alvinu Lowe Headstone

This photograph shows the headstone of Alvinu Lowe’s grave. Alvinu lowe was the Mudaliyar of Kammala Pattu (Ceylon Almanac 1839), Mudaliyar of Pitigal Korale (Ceylon Almanac 1871) and Mudaliyar of the Governor’s Gate (Gate Mudaliyar) as shown in the headstone .He married Michella De Fonseka, daughter of Manuel de Fonseka (Mudaliyar) of Kalutara. He died on the 18th of February, 1885. The Singhalese inscription found at the bottom of the monument gives his full name Varnakula Addittiya Arasa Nila-itta Alvinu Lowe.

The grave is located at the Marawila Roman Catholic cemetery, by the beach, near the chapel of the crucifix, popularly known as Kurusa Palliya.

Also found in this cemetery is the grave of his daughter,  Bruna Lowe, as well as many Lowe and Thamel family members.