St. Kevin’s Bungalow – Then and Now

St. Kevin’s bungalow was at one time the home of Mudaliyar S. R. De Fonseka, and appears¬† in the book ’20th Century Impressions’ (see the Reference Section), a veritable who’s who of the early part of the century. St Kevin’s was only one of the few properties owned by the Mudaliyar.

The property is situated down Boyd Place in Colpetty, behind Bishops College closer to the junction with Alvis Place. This area is now a high security zone due to the close proximity to the Prime Ministers house. The house with its unique brickwork structure still retains its old world charm. Today it is covered by a high brick wall and a huge black gate, making close-up photography impossible.

St Kevin’s, bungalow¬† has been sold in the 70’s by the grand daughter of Mudaliyar S.R, due to restrictions placed on property ownership during the Sirimavo Bandaranayake Government. The adjoining ‘Earlecliff’ property which also belonged to him, still remains with the family.