Family Tree of D’andrado Families

The family details of the D’Anderado family is shown in three sections, as three distinct inter related family lines have been identified in the Genealogy Tables.

Don Louis D’Anderado
Adigar of Kalutara and Walawita Korale.
Married a Sister of Don Manuel D’Anderado (see below), also his Cousin
Presented with a silver sword by the Dutch in 1665 for distinguished conduct in the 1665 campaign against the rebel subjects of Raja Singha II. Presented with a gold chain by the Dutch for his services at the siege and capture of Cochin in India, 1663.

  • Manuel D’Anderado
    Mohandiram of Colombo
    • Manuel D’Anderado
      Left Kalutara and settled in Colombo, 1721
      • Renaldus D’Anderado
        Mudaliyar, 1787
        • Phillip D’Anderado
          Mohandiram of Colombo, 1814
          • Miguel D’Anderado
            Married Lisbeth Louisa De fonseka, daughter of Selestinu de Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Kalutara
            • Phillip D’Anderado married Sarah Mendis of Galle ( Died 26/04/1928 aged 80 Yrs )
              • Joseph D’Anderado (Unmarried)
              • Emmanuel D’Anderado ( Unmarried. Died 15/02/1952 aged 67 Yrs. Lived at 136 Mahawatte Rd )
              • Clement D’Anderado. (Unmarried)
              • Benedict D’Anderado (Uncle Benny, lived at 136, Mahawatte Rd. Unmarried)
                left all property to Dennis D’Anderado.
            • Thomas D’Anderado (Unmarried)
            • Camel D’Anderado    (Unmarried)
            • Francina D’Anderado married De Saa Abeyasekera from Gandara.
              • Edwin Abeyasekara.
                • Enid Abeyasekera md Dodwell Abeysekera.
                  • Anton Abeysekera
                • Jessie md Joseph Fonseka.
                  • Gerald Fonseka.
                  • Anton Fonseka.
                • Irene md Pieris.
                  • Dr. Rienzie Pieris.
                  • Ainsley Pieris.
              • Arthur Abeyasekera Married  Agnes Pinto.
                • Arthur Horatio Abeyasekera.
                  • Indrani md Anton Jayewardena.
                  • Nimal Abeyasekera.
                  • Niranjala Abeyasekera.
                • Elsie Abeyasekera md Ferdinando.
                • Adeline Abeyasekera.
                • Julie Abeyasekera.
                • Emaliya Abeyasekera.
                • Nita Abeyasekere.
                • Reginald Abeyasekere.
                • Mabel Abeyasekere.
                • Muriel Abeyasekera.
            • Johanna D’Anderado
            • Michella D’Anderado
              married Solomon Carolis de Fonseka (Joseph de Fonseka family tree).
            • Cecilia D’Anderado
            • Louisa Victoria D’Anderado
              married James Fretz de Fonseka.
          • Petronella D’Anderado. (Unmarried)
        • Bastian D’Anderado
          Mohandiram 1817, Mudaliyar 1820
          Married Issabella, daughter of Francisco De Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Kalutara
          • Justina D’Anderado
            Married Haramanis De Fonseka
          • Louisa D’Anderado
            Married Carolis De Fonseka, Mohandiram
          • Renaldus D’Anderado
            Mohandiram of Kalutara, 1844.
            Married Isabella, daughter of Selestinu De Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Kalutara
        • Thomas D’Anderado
          Mohandiram of Colombo and Mohandiram of the 5th Company of Lascorins, 1818, Mudaliyar 1827
          • John Renauldus D’andrado (Muhandiram) married Ana Carolina de Fonseka (Died 16/11/1908 aged 95 Yrs) daughter of Johannes de Fonseka)
            (NOTE: This part of the family tree is unauthenticated. It is assumed that John renauldus was the son of Thomas)
            • Samuel D’Andrado married Sara de Silva on 20/11/1889
            • Maria Louisa D’Andrado married Dominga Fernando on 28/09/1903
            • Sebastian D’andrado (Died 01/09/1910 aged 64 Yrs) married Selestina de Silva. Lived at 19, Mahawatte Rd.
              • Grace Elizabeth D’andrado married Francis Samuel D’andrado
              • John Reynoldus D’andrado (Was married.  Died fairly young. God father of Dr Patrick John de Fonseka)
        • Selestina D’Anderado
          Married Solomon De Fonseka
        • Anna Maria D’Anderado
          Married Michael De Rowel, Mudaliyar

Don Manuel D’Anderado
Mudaliyar 1656 Kalutara. 1658 expedition to Jaffna. Sabandaar and Member of the Dutch Council.
See ‘Description of Ceylon – Baldaeus‘ – Reference Section.

  • Dominga D’Anderado
    Married Don Michael De Fonseka
  • Braz D’Anderado
    Chief of Lascorins, Kalutara. Died 1709.
    Most of the contents of the ‘D’anderado Papers’ relate to a legal matter concerning the dowry of his daughter. 
    • Barbara D’Anderado
      Married Thomas Pieris, Junior Surgeon.
  • Domingo D’Anderado
    Adigar of Kalutara and Walawita Korale.
     Succeeded his brother-in-law, Don Michael De Fonseka.
    • Manuel D’Anderado
      Maha Vidane of Salpiti Korale circa, 1707. Dissava of Matara circa 1720

Sinco D’Anderado
Son of Don Louise D’Anderado
Acted for his uncle Don Manuel D’Anderado as Adigar during latter’s Illness as mentioned in a letter written by Don Manuel to the Governor on the 6th February 1659. (see D’anderado Documents)
This branch of the family settled in Jaffna and no records or further history is available other than of his son.

  • Don Joan D’Anderado
    Mudaliyar and Respadore, 
    Act of appointment 27-8-1763 Colombo Dutch Records 2443 p 502
Additional Details

Don Manuel d’Anderado

Mudaliyar of Calutara.
Was guarding the pass of Calutara with his Lascorins in 1656 (Baldeus; “Port Era” II. P.p. 454 & 455): took part in the expedition to Jaffna against the Portuguese in 1658 (Baldeus and the de Fonseka Family Documents); “Signalized himself before Jaffna Pattam” (Baldeus); appointed Sabandaar and members of the chief court of which the Governor was the President (the de Fonseka Family Documents and “Instructions” pp. 94, 95, 98). He was the only Singhalese member and according to the “Instructions” (pp. 94 & 95), he had to be consulted in all cases in which the people of the country are concerned. (also vide “Instructions” pp. 75, 88, 89, 90, 91, letter by Don Manuel d’Anderado to Governor Rycloff van Goens in Paul Pieris’ “Dutch Power in Ceylon” p. 275; Memoirs of Rycloff van Goens, p. 19; C.D.R. Vol. 2673D; Yalpana Vaipava Malai; “Authors of Histories and Accounts of Ceylon” by Mohotti’s Mudaliyar F. E. Gooneratne of Galle (Ceylon Independent 16-5-1917)

Braz d’Anderado

Chief of Lascorins in Calutara
(C.D.R. 2439 & 2673D) died 1709. (C.D.R. School Tombo of Calutara 36)

Domingo d’Anderado

Adigar of Calutara and Walalawita Corale.
Succeeded his brother-in-law Don Michael de Fonseka (the de Fonseka Family Documents)

Manuel d’Anderado

Maha Vidhan of Salpiti Corale about 1707
(the de Fonseka Family Documents); according to Frederick Jayatilleka whose name appears in the List of Authorities in Paul Pieris’ “Port Era” I – he was Dissawa of Matara about 1720 (“Matara during the Dutch Period” Ceylon Independent 6-7-1914)

Don Louis d’Anderado

Adigar of Calutara and Walalawita Corale
Cousin and brother-in-law of Don Manuel d’Anderado – perhaps the brother-in-law mentioned by Baldaeus; succeded Don Manuel at Calutara (the de Fonseka Family Documents including the Act of appointment of Renaldus d’Anderado. Mudaliyar, dated 15-1-1787 where reference is made to Renaldus d’Anderado’s great-grand-father Don Louis d’Anderado, Adigar of Calutara and Walalawita Corale and his grand-father Manuel d’Anderado, Mohandiram of Colombo); was one of the five chief who were presented with Silver Swords by Governor van Goens “for conducting themselves with distinction” in the campaign of 1665 against the rebel subjects of Rajasinghe II. (D.D.R. – Proceedings of the Dutch Council dated 15-11-1668, and Paul Pieris ; “The Illangakoon Family” p. 21) granted several lands in Calutara and Alutgama Districts by the Dutch Government (C.D.R. Vol. 2439 pp. 155-167 also “Memoirsof Rycloff van Goens” p.19)

Sinco d’Anderado

Acted for his uncle Don Manuel d’Anderado during the latter’s illness; letter by Don Manuel d’Anderado dated Jaffna 6-2-1859 to Governor van Goens in Colombo – Paul Pieris “Dutch Power in Ceylon” p.275). This branch of the d’Anderado family settled in Jaffna.

Manuel d’Anderado

Mohandiram of Colombo
Referred to in the Act of appointment of his grandson Renauldus d’Anderado Mudaliyar, dated 15-1-1787 (with the de Fonseka Family Documents)

Manuel d’Anderado

Left Calutara and settled in Colombo in 1721 (C.D.R. School Thombo of Calutara 36) bought Mahawellewatta at Dehiwela of 16000 coconut trees (52 margan in extent) for 1355 rix dollars on 80-7-1730 with Anthonam de Seram, Mudaliyar of Salpiti Corale (about Anthonan de Seram and his son Maha Mudaliyar Lenderam de Seram vide Paul Pieris’ “Ceylon and the Hollanders” pp. 72, 81 etc; R.A>S. XXII.) afterward sold his half share to his other co-owner (C.D.R. and Thombo of Palle Pattu in Salpiti Corale III. P. 19 and Paul Pieris’ “Notes on some Singhalese Families” III. P.20 and some old Slave transfers in Dutch among the de Fonseka Family Documents.)

Renaldus d’Anderado

Acts of appointment 15-1-1787 and 11-7-1790; in the act of appointment of 15-1-1767 mention is made of his great-grand-father Don Louis d’Anderado; Adigar of Calutara and Walalawita Corale, and of his grand-father Manuel d’Anderado, Mohandiram of Colombo and of two acts of appointment dated 1661 and 1664 which are now lost, received a grant of 58 acres in Grandpass, Colombo now known as Mahawatta most of which still belongs to members of the de Fonseka and the d’Anderado Families (Plan of Partition of the land among descendents of Renauldus d’Anderado dated 15-4-1877 with the de Fonseka Family Documents) copy of the joint Last will of his wife and himself dated 4-1-1796 also with the de Fonseka Family Documents; reference to him also in Paul Pieris’ “Notes on some Singhalese Families” III. P. 24 re the Last Will of Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe, Maha Mudaliyar of which he is an executor – re Nicholas Dias Abeysinghe vide Paul Pieris’ “Ceylon and the Hollanders” pp. 143 & 160, also vide deed No. 904 dated 22nd October, 1894 attested by U. H. Ahlif of Colombo, Notary Public, re the Dutch Grant to him dated 29th August, 1785 of the 58 acres in Grandpass).

Philip d’Anderado

Muhandiram of Colombo
(Ceylon Almanac 1814, and Last Will of Renauldus d’Anderado 4-1-1796)

Bastian d’Anderado

(Ceylon Almanac 1820) Act of appointment as Mohandiram 25-2-1817, married Isabella daughter of Franciscu de Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Calutara.

Thomas d’Anderado

Mohandiram of Colombo and Mohandiram of the 5th company of Lascorins 1818, Mudaliyar 1827, acts of appointment 27-1-1818, 4-12-1818, 3-1-1827; Last Will dated 4-1-1838 (Ceylon Almanac 1820, 1826 & 1830)

Muguel d’Anderado

Married Lisbeth Louisa daughter of Selestinu de Fonseka Mudaliyar of Calutara (Last Will of his wife and himself No. 996 dated 21-11-1871 attested by W. P. Ranasinghe, N. P. of Calutara).

Renaldus d’Anderado

Mohandiram of Calutara
(Act of appointment 19-11-1844, Ceylon Almanac 1846) married Issabella daughter of Selestinu de Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Calutara.

Sources of Information

Baldeus: (see the Reference Pages)

Description of Ceylon (Amsterdam 1672); to Churchill’s Voyages III. Baldeus was the Dutch Chaplain in Ceylon 1656-1665, and seems to have known personally both Don Michael de Fonseka and Don Manuel D’Anderado.

C.D.R.: (also see the D’andrado Papers)

Colombo Dutch Records, in the office of the Govt. Archivist, Colombo.

C.D.R. 2673D:

Indexed as “A collection of papers left by Dissawa de Caste”, It deals entirely with some matters relating to the d’Anderado and the de Fonseka families, about the beginning of the Dutch Era, and corroborates the de Fonseka Family Documents and about the relationship between the different members of these families and the offices they held at this time.

The de Fonseka Family Documents:

Many of these in Dutch in the possession of Mr. S. R. de Fonseka. The earlier documents were submitted by him to the Historical Manuscript Commission and were accepted as authentic. (Sessional Paper IX of 1933. See the D’andrado Papers for the complete list). H. E. Sir H. Stanley, Governor of Ceylon, appointed the Historical Manuscripts Commission in 1931.


The late F. E. Gooneratne, Mohotti Mudaliyarof Galle; a recognized authority on antiquarian matters relating to Ceylon.


Instructions from the Governor-General and Council of India to the Governor of Ceylon 1656-1665, translated by Sophia Peters, and printed and published by the Government, Colombo, 1908. (Some of these relating to the de Fonseka Families, have been reproduced in the D’andrado Papers.)

The Karave Flag: (Read the complete article)

Written by Lionel de Fonseka, “Ceylon Antiquary and Literary Register”, VII., page 1.

Memoirs of Rycloff van Goens:

22-12-1663. Translated by E. Reimers, Govt. Archivist, printed and published by Government, Colombo, 1932. (Some of these relating to the de Fonseka Families, have been reproduced in the D’andrado Papers.)

Portuguese Era:

“Ceylon – The Portuguese Era” by Paul E. Pieris, C.C.S. (1913) in 2 volumes.


Journals of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Colombo. 

Singhalese Banners and Standards:

By E. W. Perera, Bar-at-Law. Printed and published by the Government, Colombo 1916 (vide pp 21, 22, 38 and figures 35 and 56 in Plate XXI) 

Yalpana Vaipava Malai: (see the Reference Pages)

A Tamil History of Jaffna written early in the 17th Century and later translated by C. Britto in 1879 

Some Notable Families: (see the Reference Pages)

A series of books written by Paul E. Pieris on notable families in Ceylon during the Dutch period.