Family Tree of Henry Fredrick De Fonseka

Mudaliyar Henry Fredrick de Fonseka in the full Mudaliyar Attire. This photograph may have been taken on the day he was appointed 22/06/1911.

Henry Fredrick de Fonseka (d 11/12/1961) md Alice D’Issabella Fernando.

  • Henrietta de Fonseka md S. R. de Fonseka Jnr.
    ( For  Wedding Photographs, see the S. R. de Fonseka Family Page )
    • Lorna de Fonseka md Kenneth De Silva.
    • Errol de Fonseka md Manel Davulagaha.
  • Clarice de Fonseka md Stanislaus P. Ranasinghe on 26/01/1931.
    • Nimal Ranasinghe md Gerrard Wickremasuriya.
      • Sunil Wickremasuriya.
      • Srini Wickremasuriya.
      • Indrani Wickremasuriya.
      • Nirmali Wickremasuriya.
      • Lakmani Wickremasuriya.
      • Thilak Wickremasuriya.
      • Manik Wickremasuriya.
    • Rupa Ranasinghe md Trevor de Fonseka.
      • (see James Fretz family tree for details.)
    • Surani Ranasinghe md Peter Fernando.
      • Suren Fernando.
      • Aruna Fernando. 
      • Priyan Fernando.
  • Clotilda de Fonseka md Domingo Hewage Henry Warnakulasuriya (Henry Domingo).
    • Manel Domingo md James Rajanayagam.
      • Kumar Rajanayagam.
      • Dushy Rajanayagam.
      • Sonali Rajanayagam.
    • Leonard (Lennie) Domingo md Rosy Perera.
      • Swendrini Domingo Warnakulasuriya.
      • Manoshan Domingo Warnakulasuriya.
      • Sanjeewa Domingo Warnakulasuriya.
      • Nisal Domingo Warnakulasuriya.
    • Srima Domingo md Manilal Abeywardena.
      • Mandana Abeywardena.
      • Senarath Abeywardena.
      • Harish Abeywardena.
  • Elene de Fonseka md John Fernando.
    • Mervyn Fernando md Esme fernando.
      • Mahesh Fernando.
      • Eranjan Fernando.
    • Lucian Fernando (died aged 24).
    • Douglas Fernando.
  • Christobel Marium Priscilla de Fonseka (b May 1905)  md Wilmot Roland Sebastian De Silva.
    • Chryshantha Silva md Yvonne Simmonds. 
      ( Lived at 135 Mahawatte Road opp. Dr. Patrick de Fonseka’s house.)
      • Mary Anne Silva

PHOTOGRAPHS: All below photographs courtesy of Nimal Ranasinghe.


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