Dutch Records No 9C

Declaration of the 24th October 1703 wherein is shown how the goods which were sold by the Hon’ble the Disava (. in ownership. Always. ) held by the purchasers.

Declaration :

            Before me, Daniel Tiste, Secretary of the Hon. the Court of Justice of this Castle there appeared on this 24th day of October, 1703 in the presence of the witnesses to be named hereafter, Don Louis de Brito Appohamy, Don Manuel, Master carpenter, Louis de Core, Clerk, Francisco Core, Headman, all residents of Kalutara, Louis Silva writer of Payagola, Kichoha Wou, Moor writer of Maggona, Pedro Fernando, Headman of Beruwala, Chewa Cady Lebbe Moor also of Beruwala and Mira Marka Moor resident of Alutgama who, in the interests of truth jointly and unanimously declared, that certainly so far as their memory reaches back, the custom of the country has been that if, at any time a Dessave has caused to be sold any properties of the inhabitants for the liquidation of their debts, people. have always bought all such properties without hesitation or fear and have subsequently remained in possession thereof; and indeed, in support of this, they also declare that they well know and they affirm that, if required, they can prove that Lieut dessaves have caused gardens in their district to be sold to pay off the debts of this or that person and that the purchasers have remained in peaceful possession thereof without disturbance from anybody.

            And herewith the deponents concluded their declaration which they jointly testify to contain the Sincere truth and they remain at all times prepared in this regard to furnish additional Confirmation at need and by request.

            Thus done and affirmed in the Castle of Colombo on the day, month and year above stated, in the presence of Martinus Leermans, Assistant, and Gerrit Franchjmont, Clerk, as witnesses who have signed the draft hereof, with the deponents, with the interpreters Domingo Dias and Lourens Paulusz and with myself the Secretary.

Attested by,

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