Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 13

List of Family Documents in the possession of Mr. S. R. de Fonseka
submitted to
Historical MSS. Commission.

  1. A memorial in Dutch with references to (a) Manuel d’Andrado Mudaliyar of Kalutara in 1656 and Sabandaar (b) His cousin and brother-in-law Don Louis d’Andrado Adigar of Kalutara and Walallawita Korale (c) Manuel d’Andrado’s Son-in-law Don Michael De Fonseka who succeeded Don Louis as Adigar of Kalutara and Walallawita Korale and an English translation of above made and certified by C. J. Keuneman dated 30.4.1822.
  2. Slave transfer in favour of Philip Manuel d’Andrado dated 12 October 1779.
  3. Transfer dated 24 August 1785 to Renaldus d’Andrado of a garden and sowing field at Madampitiya or Bloemendaal.
  4. Act of appointment of Renaldus d’Anderado Mudaliyar dated 15th January 1787 where reference is made to his great grand father Don Louis d’Anderado Adigar of Kalutara and Walallawita Korale and other ancestors and to two acts of appt. dated 1661 and 1662.
  5. Slave transfer in favour of Renaldus d’Anderado dated 9th September 1789
  6. The last will of Renaldus d’Anderado and his wife dated 4th January 1796.
  7. Plan of Partition dated 25th August 1877 of the land Mahawatte in Grandpass fifty eight acres in extent belonging to the estate of Renaldus d’Andrado among his documents-mostly members of the d’Anderado and the De Fonseka families.
  8. Certified extract dated 6th January 1687 of the appointment of Manuel De Fonseka as Vidahn of Colombo from Pass Nagalagam to the Fort and he is granted as Accomadesan the village Jamburelliya in Salpiti Korale.
  9. Certified copy and translation of the appointment of Pedro De Fonseka dated 21 January 1760.
  10. Certified copy and translation of grant to Mohandiran Pedro De Fonseka and his brother Franciscu De Fonseka of a land called Moderawatte in Kalutara on the banks of the river dated 6th August 1766.
  11. Certified copy and translation of a grant to Mohandiran Pedro De Fonseka and his brother Franciscu De Fonseka of a land in Kalutara called Alluthewella Goddepittaniya dated 6th September 1766. (The land mentioned in 10 and 11 are still in the possession o1 the De Fonseka family).
  12. Certified copy and translation of the act of appointment of Franciscu De Fonseka dated 10.11.1766.
  13. Act of appointment dated 8th October 1770 of Bastian De Fonseka eldest son Pedro De Fonseka to assist his father.
  14. Release by Government dated 20 June 1811 to Bastian De Fonseka of the dues of an islet in the Kalu Ganga called Godetalawatta (Godetalawatte and Diyambetalawatte, or Gangawatte, two islets in the Kalu Ganga, were granted to Pedro De Fonseka by the Dutch Government. A portion of Diyambetalawa or Gangawatte was acquired by Government when the Kalutara bridge was built ; the other portion still belongs to the De Fonseka family.
    C. Q. P. No. 11339 of 1.7.1901.
  15. A gold medal presented by Governor Brownrigg to Johannes De Fonseka, Mudaliyar dated 21.11.1819. Johannes de Fonseka, Mudaliyar was the son of Franciscu de Fonseka referred to in No. 10,11 and 12 and father of Sebastian de Fonseka Mudaliyar and Manuel de Fonseka, Mudaliyar.
  16. Grant by Sir Wilmot Horton dated 27th October 1832 of a land called Kappuhena in Kalutara to Selestinus De Fonseka Mudaliyar.
  17. Act of appointment of David de Fonseka, Mohandiran, dated July 7th, 1845.
  18. Act of appointment of Carolis de Fonseka, Moliandiram, dated July 7th, 1845.
  19. Act of appointment of Manuel de Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Panadura and Calutara Districts dated June 30, 1853.
  20. Act of appointment of Simon Richard de Fonseka:
            (a) as Mudaliyar dated May 24th, 1892
            (b) as Mudaliyar of Salpiti Korale, dated September 10th, 1907.
            (c) as Justice of the Peace and Unofficial Police Magistrate, for the District of Colombo, dated July 29th, 1908.
            (d) as Mudaliyar of the Governor’s Gate, dated June 22, 1911.
  21. Act of appointment of Henry Frederick de Fonseka, Mudaliyar, dated June 22, 1911.