Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 1

Extract from Council Resolutions between 15th August and 5th September, 1663.
G.A. Colombo, Dutch Records, No. 10, page 22.

            In reward for the distinguished conduct and services of the Sinhalese Chieftains Mohotty Appuhamy and Louis d’Andrado rendered at the siege and capture of Cochin and in order to bind them more closely to the Company, it was resolved and decreed to bestow on each of them an honorarium of eighty Rix dollars together with a gold chain or similar gift.

Extract from Council Resolutions of 15th November, 1668.
G.A., Colombo, Dutch Records, No. 14, page 22/33.

            And, inasmuch as the protection of the lands remaining under the Honourable Company will depend entirely upon the lascorins faithful to us ; it was resolved that we should not stint the Company’s money in order to keep them loyal and to encourage them more and more in the true service of the Company ; consequently, it was further resolved to make a presentation to those Chiefs who had conducted themselves with distinction in the recent campaign (Note 1) and to give a silver sword of the value of 18 or 20 Rix-dollars to each of them, namely to . . . . . Louis d’Andrade . . . . . etc.

Note 1.-The campaign referred to is the campaign of 1665 against the rebel subjects of Rajasinghell vide Pieris “The lllangakoon Family”  p. 21.

Extract from Council Resolutions of 3rd September, 1695.
G.A., Colombo, Dutch Records, No. 35, page 180-1 82.

Regarding the Free-burgher Pieter Witbergen now in custody the following petition was tabled in Council

         To His Excellency Thomas van Rhee Councillor Extraordinary of the Netherlands Indies, Governor and Director of the Island of Ceylon the Madura Coast, etc.

         Your Excellency’s most humble servant Pieter Witbergen, at present in detention, sub mits for Your Excellency’s information that he, the petitioner, was caused by Your Excellency to be taken into custody at Rotterdam point in this Castle of Colombo

      And this, on account of the balance of the Kalutara lease in respect of which, for the greater security of the Honourable Company the persons Domingo d’Andrado, Adigar of Kalutara, and Francisco d’Andrado, native physician of this place, had constituted themselves sureties and guarantors for the petitioner