Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 2

Translation of a Memorial

          Below is reproduced a translation of a memorial which mentions Manuel d’Andrado Sabandaar, his brother-in-law Louis d’Andrado, Adigar of Kalutara, and Don Manuel’s son-in-law Don Michelsz de Fonseka who was later appointed Adigar of Kalutara. The Dutch original of the Memorial is among the private family papers of Mr. S. R. de Fonseka of Colombo. The Translation of this document was made by Mr. Keuneman in 1822 and is substantially correct. It is reproduced unchanged because of its old-world interest

           Since the Hon’ble Company has captured this Island the Petitioner’s fore. fathers Manuel d’Andrado and his brother-in-law Louis d’Andrado have obtained from the Hon’ble General Hulft for the faithful services they have rendered to the Hon’ble Company in the capture of this Island the situation of Modliars, to-wit, the first-named, Manuel d’Andrado of Calutara, and Louis Adigar of Calutara and Wallewitte Corle. They have assisted in many wars on behalf of the Hon’ble Company at the coast and other places and obtained 20 guilders a month and Louis d’Andrado has obtained as Adigar, at the time of Admiral van Goens 10 Rix dollars a month, and four villages as accommodessan. The Hon’ble Admiral has sent Manuel d’Andrado to Jaffnapatam, where he was successful in the war, and therefore and for his faithful services, he was promoted as Sabandaar, and Louis d’Andrado succeeded in his place. Instead of Louis d’Andrado, his brother-in-law Francisco de Silva became Adigar and had the inhabitants under his command; and, the Modliar dying, there was a vacancy of ten years when Don Michielsz de Fonseka, the son-in-law of Manuel d’Andrado succeeded. Afterwards, Don Michielsz was sent to this place, (Colombo) as Interpreter of the Secretary’s office ; and his brother-in-law Domingo d’Andrado got the post of Adigar. In this time they both died and the situation remained vacant for 7 or 8 years until a man born at Ambugoda 1693 called Christoffelsz de Silva, obtained this situation of Adigar from the Hon’ble Mr. van Rhee. This man lost his situation on account of sickness ; and he died.

            Subsequently the Coraal of the Salpitty Corale was appointed Samaranaike Maha Vidahn at Caltura and since promoted Modliar, in whose room Domingo d’Andrado Adigar’s son, Manuel d’Andrado, succeeded as Maha Vidahn. This 1707 happened at the time of the Hon’ble Mr. Becker. Manuel d’Andrado has performed the service of Maha Vidahn and subsequently resigned that situation.

          Afterwards, this very same present Modliar Francisco Rodrigo has obtained the place.

           At the time 1716 of the Hon’ble Rumph, a Moorish vessel was wrecked and this Mahavidahn Rodrigo has committed such faults that he was dismissed, because he did not obey orders.

             Having performed the said office now for 14 years to satisfaction, therefore the petitioner prays that the two Modliars who are now at Caltura may, according to their Act, (XXX) with their lascoreens, leaving the petitioner, according to old custom, in good right, to have, according to former example, the command of the inhabitants.

“True Translation”
Colombo, April 30th: 1822.”
(Sgd.) C. J. KEUNEMAN.

The continuation of the above petition has got torn and is missing. The petitioner is probably Maniku de Fonseka, grandson of Don Michielsz Fonseka and great grandson of Don Manuel d’ Andrado. He was corale of Salpity Korale and Maha Vidan of Ca!utara. He was married in 1730 to Parishira de Tissera of Negombo (School Thombu of Calutara No. 36) re. de Tissera family of Negombo vide Memoirs of Van Goens trs. Reimers p. 20.    

Notes-Don Manuel d’Andrado was guarding the pass of Calutara with his lascoins in 1656 (vide Baldeus-extract 1)