Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 3

1656-I 665.

Translation by Sophia Pieters.

Page 89

            With a view to acquire as soon as possible a better knowledge of the country and the circumstances of the people it will be necessary for Your Honour to make a trip along the boundaries of this territory and to personally visit the villages of the Wannias ; and if there are any bushmen (Bochloopers) to bring order among them, because Your Honour will find that there are many people of a daring character under the Kandyan king on the boundaries of the Company’s territory, among whom may be mentioned the Veda. The Sabandaar Andrado Aratchie has often advised me to subdue and bring under our power Sumeratte Aratchie and some others, in order or extend our territory, but I not only consider such a step premature but also altogether unadvisable, because it would very properly rouse the Kandyan King. Moreover, we now possess already more land than that we are able to defend and elephants could be captured in any numbers as we may want ; so that the best course would be to try and make friends with the neighbouring Vedas, Sumeratte Aratchie, and others. Even if they do sometimes cultivate rice within our territory, it matters little if they do no harm in other ways, and I beg Your Honour to follow this advice rather than take the opposite course.

Page 91

            As we have not succeeded up to this moment in finding a person sufficiently qualified and capable for such an office, Your Honour will for the time being have to be satisfied with the services of an Adigar. The counsel of Don Andrado should always be followed so far as it agrees with our own principles, but it must be noted that he is in my opinion too bard on the natives, although on the other hand the character of this people is such as to demand strong measures. They are by nature timid, timorous, and cringing, but also revengeful, cunning, and thievish, while at the same time they are intelligent and tractable. Yet with judgment and discrimination they may be easily ruled.

Page 94

            On point 10 the Sabandaar Don Andrado will obtain all information possible, and enter it in his report.

            10. That endeavours should be made to bring together the husbands and wives who separated from each other during the last war.

Page 95

            All civil cases below 100 fanums are to be disposed of by this court, but if the President should consider that the decisions are unjust (because these people are easily corrupted), he is to suspend the verdict and inform the Commandeur, who will then take :it matter in hand. No case in which the amount involved is higher than 100 fanums should be entrusted to this court, but must be referred to the court at Jaffnapatam, which consiss of the following persons

His Honour Anthony Pavilioen, Permanent President during the absence of the Governor.
       Jacob van Rhee, and, in his absence, Jorephaes Vosch.
      Gerrit Wileluw.
      Hendrik Rooman,
      Jacob Schilinan.
      Petrus van Eyck.
      Manoel d’Andrado.
      Uarmen Heestcrs, Secretary

The Sabandaar must be consulted in all cases in which natives are concerned.

Page 97

            It may seem to Your Honour that cultivation on such a large scale would at presè’nt be impossible, owing to the want of oxen, but every endeavour must be made, and the animals may be obtained from the Marruas, Tiriwenappate, Ncgapatam& e.. where the price for them is only haifa real each more than usual. Your Honour should sec that the required number of animals is ordered yearly. It is certain that never SO fliuch rice as has already been sown in obedience to my orders during this season was ever raised by thc Portuguese, and there is no doubt that all the seed collected during this season and stored away will by no means be sufficient to sow all the fields, so that Your Honour must order a large quantity to be collected on thc coast by the Bellales in the four provinces. The Sabandaar Andrado has been entrusted with this work.