Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 4

Dutch Records: Vol. 9, Fol. 168.

Secret Resolutions : Tuesday 30th Sept., 1656.

            Continuing, the Commissioner said that he had noticed how the lands between the Alutgama river and those northwards as far as Panadura, which formed the frontiers of the Pasdun and Raigam Corles, could very well bring to the Company a substantial revenue from leases which would be much more profitable than the arecanut at present harvested for the Hon’ble Company from the villages of Kalutara, Beruwala, Maggone and Alutgama.

              After deliberation, it was resolved to lease those lands for two years with effect from the 1st of November next, for the sum of sixteen hundred Reals of Eight, to the Captain of the Dutch citizen soldiery, George Blume ; Andre. Veloze, Don Joao Sabandaar, don Manuel d’Andrade and such others as they might wish to include.