Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 6

Memoirs of Ryckloff Van Goens, Governor of Ceylon (1663-1675).
delivered to his successors:
 JACOB HUSTAERT (1663) and Van GOENS (JNR.) 1675.

Tr. by E. Remiers, Govt. Archivist (p. 19)

        “It has always been my practice to keep near me some of the Sinhalese Chiefs as it would otherwise be difficult to preserve the particular usages of the country among the inhabitants. Among those who have been most useful to us (not) only in the war but have also continued faithful to us, I would mention…. Louys and Manuel d’Andrado Manuel d’Andrado is lately returned from Jaffnapattam, and although he has not acquitted himself to my entire satisfaction Your Excellency may very well employ him again on account of his knowledge of the Pasdun Corale, but he is prodigiously arrogant and extremely oppressive where the poor people are concerned.”