Dutch Records Annexes & Extracts 7

Monday, 28th Jan., 1670.
Vol. 15, FoL 101 1/2:

            3. “On Account of the large numbers of wild elephants, a hunt had, of necessity, to be held in the district of Colombo, just as two years ago a similar hunt had to be undertaken in the Panadura area. On that occasion a gratuity of Rix dollars 1000 was given to the Chiefs. As regards this latest hunt, the difficulties involved were very much greater, but yet though fewer animals were caught some good tuskers, and among them an extraordinary “Alia”, were taken and therefore the Chiefs were again promised a donation.

            After consideration and further ripe deliberations in the Council over the great difficulties encountered by these same native chiefs in this latest elephant hunt held here in Colombo District and, inasmuch as the present occasion and the Company’s interest demand that in accordance with our promise they should be given some reward for their outstanding services so that these men might become more and more attached to the service of the Hon’ble Company;

            So therefore, by a unanimous vote it was resolved, in the interests of the Hon’ble Company to present individually to each of the said chiefs, on behalf of the Hon’ble Company, the following donations, viz :



Don Juan da Costa, Mudaliar of Colombo, who next to the Captain in Chief, has made
the greatest exertions
Loys Andrade, otherwise known as Weerachchi Mudaliar .. .. 20
Manamperi Mudaliar, Korale of the Kuruwita Corale .. .. 20
Jayasundara Mudaliyar, Korale of the Kukul Corale .. .. 20
Jayasundre Mudaliyar, Superintendent of the sowing .. .. 20
Dissanaike Mudaliyar .. .. .. ..      20
Sangeresekere Rala, Korale of the Navadun Corle .. .. ..  12
Kurruppu Appuhamy, Korale of the Pannavel Cone .. ..    12
Dolage Appuharny, Kcrale of the Attulcgam Cone .. .. 12
Anthony Corea, Korale of the Hegampale Corle .. .. ..     12
Ganhetta Rala, Korale of the Kirewela pattuwa of the Weligam Corle .. 12
Laurens de More, Korale of the Siyana Cone .. .. ..    12
Jose Pinto, Korale of the Hewagam Cone .. .. .   12
Mavittara A npuhamy, Korale of the Salpiti Cone .. .. ..   12
Jayakunda Appuhamy, Korale of the Raigam Cone .. .. 12
Dom Manuel, Korale of the Pasdun Corle .. .. ..   12
Domingo Boteljo, Korale of the Hapitigam Corle .. .. ..     12
To Hitty Appuhamy of the Salpiti Corle who was severely wounded during the hunt 12



20th Aug., 1675
Vol. 21, folio 41

Extract from a despatch written by Governor Ryckloff van Goens to Joan Bax, Governor Elect of The Cape of Good Hope,
at present Commandant of Hakmana and Katuwana Forts.

            4. “The day before yesterday we despatched to you from Gurubewila, via. Anguratota, the Mudaliyar Louis Andrado with 100 Kalutara lasconins, 4 jingals, and 2 drums with orders to bring to you, out of the 150 soldiers at Anguratota, the ensign Abraham and fifty of the fastest troops and to march to you through the Pasdun Corle via. Pitigala and Akuressa.”