Dutch Records No 1

Deed of gift of a piece of land named Coilwatta, situated in the village of Calamulla granted by H. E. the Governor of Ceylon, L. Pijl, on the last day of August A. D. 1687 to Bras de Andrado covering in area 303 1/2 square perches.

By the Governor and Director of this Island of Ceylon, And by his Council;

In virtue of their commission, is granted and assigned in full ownership to Bras de Andrado Resident of this place, a defined plot of land named Coyliwatta already planted by him with Coconut trees, and numbered 414 on the plan, situated in the village of Callemulla, towards the The west of Kalutara District, of such extent and situation as are shown by the survey carried Out by the land surveyor Jacob Steevensz, and delineated in the annexed plan.

With full power to retain hereditary possession of the said plot of land and its trees, and To lease, sell or alienate it as he shall think fit, except to Moors and heathens; under such Servitude and taxes as are already imposed thereon, on behalf of the Hon. Company or may Hereafter be imposed;

Covenanting therefore, in the name of the said Company, to warrant and defend the above mentioned plot of land in such manner as is fitting ;

Wherefore are these presents confirmed with their seal.

Given in the Castle of Colombo on the last day of August in the year 1687.

                                                                        By order of H. E. the Governor and Council afore named.
                                                                        LAURENS PIJL. Cs. Alebos,


This plot of land delineated above, numbered 414 and named Coyliwatta, is situated in the village of Callemulla towards the west of the Kalutara District, bounded on the north by the property of Etiki Karia, on the east by that of Varsy, on the south by that of Moilikanda Nainda and on the west by the beach ; in width along the northern side, a-b, WSW, 4 degrees South, 18 perches, along the eastern side, b-c, North NW, 2 degrees North 25 perches, c-d, West SW, 2 degrees West, perches, from d-a, 23 perches ; covering in area 3O31/2 square perches;

Surveyed by me on behalf of Bras de Andrado to be possessed by him and his heirs in the line of their descent, failing which it should revert to the Hon’ble Company.

                                                                        Colombo, the 25th August A. D. 1687.
                                                                        Cadet Surveyor,