Dutch Records No 3

Certificate of ratification granted by the same persons as above on the 13th September 1687, confirming that the said Bras de Andrado was entitled to possess the above mentioned two pieces of land in hereditary ownership, but in the event of his dying without issue, these same lands should revert to the Hon’ble Company.

By the Governor and Director of this Island of Ceylon with the dependencies thereof and by his Council In virtue of their commission

to Bras de Andrado are granted and assigned in response to his request and in recognition of his good services as well as from other considerations, two pieces of land situated in Callemulla, named Alegiduriawatta and Cohilawatta, to be held by him and after his death, to be possessed by his descendants and, on failure of descendants, to revert again to the Hon. Company to be disposed of as may be found appropriate

and we therefore authorise him Bras de Andrado together with his descendants, to derive such profits and benefits therefrom as may be gained subject to the maintenance of such servitudes as were formerly imposed on those gardens or might hereafter be imposed on behalf of the Hon. Company;

Wherefore have we confirmed these presents with our signature and caused the Company’s Seal to be impressed thereunder in red wax.

Given in the Castle of Colombo on the 13th day of September, 1687. By order of His Excellency the Governor Lourens Pijl and the Council aforenamed.

Cs. Alebos Secretary. LOURENS PIJL,