Dutch Records No 4

Deed of transfer, executed before the Secretary Johannes Berghuysen, by the said Bras de Andrado on the 28th June 1695 of the aforesaid two pieces of land, as dowry of marriage portion, for his daughter Barbara de Andrado who had married the Junior Surgeon Thome Pieris.


Before me, Johannes Berghuysen, Secretary of the Ceylon Government, under the control of the Hon’ble Mr. Thomas van Rhee, Councillor Extra-Ordinary of India, Governor and Director of the said Island, the Coast of Madura, etc

In the presence of the witnesses named below, there appeared this day, the 28th June, 1695, Bras de Andrado, resident of Kalutara, who declared that he did transfer and deliver over in full ownership, as he does by these presents transfer and deliver over in full ownership, to and on behalf of his daughter Barbara de Andrado, married to Thomas Pieris, Junior Surgeon in the service of the Hon’ble Company,

his, the appearer’s two gardens, the one situated in the Kalutara District in the village of Calemulla, bounded on the North by the property of the Hon. Mr. Reiner de Vos, on the East by the tank, on the South by the property of the widow of Hans Jurgen and, on the West by the beach ; in width along the northern side A-B, ENE, 33 perches, along the East, B-C, NNW 40 perches, along C-D, East (North-East, 38~ perches) and from D to A, 41 perches; covering in area 2 morgen, 204 square perches; and the other, situated in the same village of Callemulla, bounded on the North by the property of Etiku Karia, on the East by that of Varsy, on the North by that of Mohila Kanda Nainda and on the West by the beach; in width along the northern side A-B, NNW, 25 perches, C-D, WSW, 18 perches, and from D to A 23 perches ; covering in area 302k square perches

And this, for and in place of her marriage portion promised to her by her father on her entering upon her marriage

authorising, on that account, the said Barbara de Andrado and her husband Thomas Pieris to possess the same two gardens in full ownership, to lease out, sell and alienate them as their free personal property in such manner as they shall think fit ; while he, the appearer by these presents makes complete renunciation of all right, act and claim which, he, the appearer has to the said gardens up to the date of these presents ; promising for all time to warrant and defend the same as in duty bound, according to the Law.

Thus done and executed in the Castle of Colombo on the day, month and year given above, in the presence of Jan Christoffel Erlebag and Laurens Komboyer, as witnesses, who have signed the original draft hereof along with the appear and myself, the Secretary

                                                  Which I attest          

                                                  Js BERGHUYSEN,          

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