Dutch Records No 6

Certificate issued by H. E. Admiral Rijkloff van Goens on the 3rd of January 1664, in favour of Manuel de Andrado, relative to a certain garden, situated in the Kalutara District, which at an anterior date, had belonged to the Portuguese Dom Manuel.

WHEREAS aforetime a certain garden situated in the Kalutara district, and belonging during the time of the Portuguese to a certain Dom Manuel, had been given into the possession of Manuel d’Andrade for his usufruct until such time as it might be recalled ; and whereas this garden of the said Manuel de Andrade was seized during the last registration in order that correct knowledge might be gained whether the possession was lawful ; so therefore, its legality being now established, the said garden of Dom Manuel is by these presents continued in possession in the manner mentioned above for and to the use of the above-noticed Manuel d’andrade, who in consequence thereof, shall draw and enjoy therefrom, as in earlier times, the profits and fruits which the said garden yields, after the usage of the country.

In the Town of Galle 
the 3rd January in the year 1664