Dutch Records No 7B

Declaration executed on the 14th December 1702 regarding the sale of the different lands of Bras de Andrado by the Dessave Class Schot.

Declaration :

            Before me, Daniel Tiste, Secretary of the Hon. Court of Justice of this Castle, there appeared on this 14th day of December, 1702, in the presence of the witnesses to be named below, Domingo Lethi Interpreter and Don Mighiel, Clerk, who had both held appointments under the former dessave the Hon. Class Schodt and were still serving under the present dessave the Hon. Gerrit van Toll;

and they, at the request of Louis Pieris, free resident of Kalutara, testified and declared that on the 15th of January 1700 when the Hon. Mr. Class Schodt was dessave certain different gardens, then in the possession of Bras d’Andrado were after previous beat of tom tom, put up for auction by the said Hon. Mr. Schodt in his own person, by order (so he said) of His Excellency the Governor ; and offers were made for these gardens ; and that the petitioner purchased two of the said gardens at this same auction, to wit, one named Manawalla Parangiawatta for 155 Rds and yet another named Kattukurundawatta for 52 Rds all for the liquidation of the said Andrado’s private debts.

Moreover the first deponent, together with Louis de Silva and Domingo Dias Mohotti Appuhamy (who also appeared) testifies that further they are well aware and that it is fully known to them that the petitioner after the lapse of six weeks, delivered here at Hulftsdorp the abovementioned purchase moneys into the hands of the said Hon. Mr. Schodt and that he, Schodt, on behalf of the said Bras d’Andrado, remitted the moneys to the Pattangatyn Francisco Pieris and his son Thome Pieris (who had contracted a marriage with a daughter of Bras d’Andrado) and the widow of Louis de Andrado (sister-in-law of Bras d’Andrado) but that they do not know how much was given to each.

Continuing, the deponents stated that when the petitioner delivered the purchase moneys into the hands of the Hon. Mr. Schodt, they had heard that the petitioner had asked for a Deed of Transfer in respect of the two purchased gardens and that the said Mr. Schodt declared that he the petitioner could always get it afterwards.

Herewith the deponents conclude their statement which they testify to contain the sincere truth and they remain, in this connection, ready at all times to confirm it further at need and if requested.

Thus done and attested in the Castle of Colombo on the day, month and year written above, in the presence of Martinus Leermans Assistant and Gerrit Franchimont Clerk, who, as witnesses, have signed the draft hereof along with the deponents and myself Secretary,

                                                                                                        Below stood ” which is attested”          
                                                                                                            Signed : DANIEL TISTE          

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