Dutch Records No 8B

Judgment :

Extract from the Civil Judgement Roll maintained for the Hon’ble the Court of Justice of the Castle of Colombo where, among other entries, the following stands recorded in verbis, viz :

Friday the 3rd August 1703

Present :
The Hon’ble Mr. Joan Christiaansz Toorze, President.
The Hon’ble Mr. Pieter Macare
The Hon’ble Mr. Gerrit Hoflant
The Hon’ble Mr. Aernout Valk
The Hon’ble Mr. Gabriel Heyman
The Hon’ble Mr. Joannes Strick
The Hon’ble Mr. Pieter Roos
The Hon’ble Mr. Engelbert van Rhee, and
The Hon’ble Mr. Gerard Bessels


        Daniel Tiste, Secretary.

Petitioner Bras d’Andrado formerly Chief of the Lascorins at
Respondent Louis Pieris free resident of that town

Judgment delivered

The Court, after consideration of the case, restores to the petitioner the possession of the gardens and other properties of which he was unlawfully dispossessed and directs the respondent to withdraw and restrain his hands therefrom while at the same time permitting the petitioner to take possession of them at his pleasure without offering him any hindrance therein

and moreover directs the respondent to restore to the petitioner all the proceeds and profits which he has enjoyed during the period of his illegal occupation with costs, reserving however the respondent’s action of warranty in respect of such persons as he shall decide

True Copy

In the Castle of Colombo on the          
13th of May 1705          
Daniel Tiste, Secretary.          

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