Dutch Records No 9A

Writ served by the Procurator Douwe Peterson on the person of Louis Pieris to quit the two purchased gardens.

Writ :

            By virtue of a certain judgement pronounced by the Hon. the Court of Justice of this Castle on the 3rd August last to the advantage of Bras de Andrado and the disadvantage of Louis Pieris,

            You, Daniel Grel, Court Orderly, in the name of myself, the procurator, undersigned in terms of the charge laid upon me by the aforesaid de Andrado,

            are requested to present yourself a second time before the said Pieris and by these presents summon him de novo in the matter of the restitution of the gardens Mahawatta, Katucurundewatta, Parangiawatta and Julianagewatta, to enable de Andrado to deal with them at his will and pleasure as with his own free possessions ; while safeguarding his rights in respect of all the proceeds and profits enjoyed during the time of the unsuccessful litigant’s illegal possession, against which rights the unsuccessful party has chosen during a long period to contend; together with the statement of costs, already incurred and any further charges that shall hereafter be incurred through the obstinacy of the defeated litigant

            duly effect re-service of summons deliver copy hereof and report, in writing, your experience.

            Below appeared Colombo the 8th October 1703

                                                                                    Signed, D. PETERSON,
                                                                                    Actg. Procurator.

            Delivered by me as the copy
            Done as above

                                                                                    Dl. GREL          
                                                                                    Court Orderly.          

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