Dutch Records No 9B

Summons served by the Procurator Douwe Peterson on the person of Louis Pieris to quit the two purchased gardens

Summons :

            In conformity with the attached judgement delivered on the 3rd August last by the Hon. the Court of Justice of this Castle in favour of Bras de Andrado former Chief of the Lascorin of Kalutara and against Louis Pieris free resident of that place

            You the Court Orderly, Daniel Grel as directed in the name of myself, the procurator, undersigned, as empowered thereto by the said winner of the case,

            to present yourself before the said defeated litigant and by these presents lawfully serve summons on him that he must, within the space of twice 24 hours withdraw and keep away his hands from the winner’s illegally sequestered four gardens, named Mahawatta, Kattukurunduwatta, Parangiawatta and Julianagewatta,

            and suffer the winner to deal therewith according to his pleasure without causing him any obstruction therein, without prejudice to his action of warranty in respect of whomsoever he shall think fit ; while in the meantime maintaining in reserve his statements of costs, profits and losses (while the suit is still pending) which he has suffered all this time as the result of the loser’s unlawful possession and may yet further suffer ;

            Effect due service of summons, deliver copy thereof as well as of the said judgement and report in writing your experience.

            Below appeared Colombo the 5th October AD. 1703 and was signed,

                                                                                     D. PETERSON,
                                                                                     Actg. Procurator.

The foregoing summons was duly served by me, the undersigned, server of writs, and the copies thereof delivered,

            Dated as above,
                                                                                    Dl. GREL,
                                                                                    Court Orderly.