Family Tree of Lowe Families

Lowe Mahakorala
of Mattakotuwa

  • Prancikku Lowe (Francisco)
    Also known as ‘Lobo’, Adappar Korale, Founder of Marawila
    Mahamuhandiram 1764, took part in the Kandyan Expedition of 1764-1765
    ( see ‘The Dutch Wars with Kandy ‘ – Reference Section )
    • Miguel Lowe
      Korale of Kammal Pattu 1825, Ceylon Almanac 1825 
      Married Pavistina de Rowel
      • Alvinu Lowe
        Mudaliyar of Kammala Pattu (Ceylon Almanac 1839), Mudaliyar of Pitigal Korale (Ceylon Almanac 1871), Mudaliyar of the Governor’s Gate.
        Married Michella, daughter of Manuel de Fonseka (Mudaliyar) of Kalutara.
        • Mary Simone Lowe (Died 13-1-1946)
          Married WW  Clement Fernando 
    • Savariel Lowe
      Married ? Unknown
      • Manchohamy Lowe
        Married WW Jusey Fernando, son of Prancikku Fernando of Sea Street Negambo
        • WW Isabel Clara Fernando ( Died 29-12-1935 )
          Married WW Joronis Fernando
    • Christian Lowe
      Married Gustina de Rowel
    • Gustina Lowe
      Married W Manuel Fernando of Waikkal
    • Martha Lowe
      Married W Francis Dabarera of Kammala
      • W Joseph Dabarera   d 5-1-1892
        Married Christina Tissera of Mattakotuwa, Daughter of Savariel Tissera of Mattakotuwa d 2-2-1889
        • W Maria Magdalena Dabarera
          Married W Martinu Fernando of Kammala
          • W Carolina Fernando
            Married WW Savariel Fernando
            • WW Rosalind Fernando d 6-5-1961
        • W Angelina Dabarera
          Married W Phillip Fernando of Thambarawila
          • W Alfred Fernando  d 11-12-1951
      • W Porlentina Dabarera
        Married WW Robert Fernando of Thambarawila
        • WW Jeronis Fernando d 30-9-1890
          Married W Isbel Clara Fernando
          • WW Felice Maria Fernando d 26-9-1958 aged 84
            • W Emmanuel Fernando  b25-12-1896  d 30-3-1974
              Barrister at Law
        • WW Michelia Fernando
        • WW Savariel Fernando d 11-11-1906
          Married W Carolina Fernando
          • WW Rosalind Fernando d 6-5-1961
        • WW Albert Fernando
          Married W Catherine Fernando
          • WW Clement Fernando b 20-8-1862  d 5-10-1937
            Inscription on Tombstone:
                         A light from our household is gone
                         A voice we loved is stilled
                         A place is vacant in our home
                         Which never can be filled  

            Married WAA Mary Simone Lowe
            • WW Veronica Fernando b 23-8-1894  d 12-7-1946
              Married Henry Martin Theador de Fonseka of Kalutara
              (Ref De Fonseka Families of Kalutara)
            • WW Felicia Fernando  died 1978
              Married Quintin Fernando, Member of Parliament for Negambo 1965  d 1969
            • WW Bridget Fernando b 9-10-1901  d 4-1-1961
              Married W Emmanuel Fernando, Barrister at Law
    • Anthony Lowe
      Married ? Unknown
      • Maria Madalena Lowe
        Married W Gabriel Fernando of Nainamadama
        • W Catherine Fernando
        • W Kammel Fernando
          Married WW Michalia Fernando
          • W Elaris Fernando (Died 31-71941 Aged 86)
            Married WW Felice Maria Fernando (Died 26-9-1958 Aged 84)
            • W Emmanuel Fernando
              Barrister at Law b 25-12-1896; d 30-3-74

WAA – Warnakula Addittiya Arasanilayitta
WA    – Warnakula Weerasuriya
     – Warnakulasuriya

Sources of Information and Additional Details

Miguel Lowe:

Coraal of Cammala Pattu. (Ceylon Almanac 1825).

Alvinoe Lowe:

Mudaliyar of Cammala Pattu (Ceylon Almanac 1859), appointed Mudaliyar of Pitigal Corale 1859, Mudaliyar of the Governor’s Gate 1881. Married daughter of Manuel de Fonseka, Mudaliyar of Calutara.

Main Source : Dr Germain Fernando of  Australia.