Family Tree of Frank De Fonseka

Frank De Fonseka married Victoria Evangeline Fernando from the family of  Eu Periano Mariano Fernando of Felix Villa, Kalutara.

(Frank is the brother of Edmond Clarke de Fonseka listed in the genealogy chart. Frank together with another brother Luke and sisters Emmie and Louisa, are not listed in this chart. His wife Victoria died after giving birth to Dora de Fonseka. Later on he married one Maria Perera. )

  • Joseph Peter (J. P) De Fonseka.
  • John Bernard De Fonseka md Violette Amybelle Fernando.
    (Solicitor, Attorney at Law. He was the Counsel for Spain for 25 Years.)
    • Therese Rosemary De Fonseka, Attorney at Law.
    • Leonie Margo Jeanne De Fonseka md Alston Clement Sydney Perera.
      • Jehan Perera.
      • Ajith Perera md Priyanthi.
      • Ranjan Perera md Marini.
      • Hiran Perera.
    • Herma Clair Silviola De Fonseka md Joseph Wijetunga.
    • Melanie Celeine Loelia de Fonseka md Arthur Perera.
    • Euan Verrall Lucas De Fonseka md Premani Perera. 
      (Named after E.V. Lucas (poet) by JP De Fonseka. He was the Counsel for Greece and Cyprus for 25 Years)
    • Brice De Fonseka. ( Died when small )
    • Hillier De Fonseka ( Died when small )
  • Mary Grace De Fonseka md Francis Simon De Fonseka.
    • Complete details are found under the James Fretz family tree.
  • Dora Victoria Isabella De Fonseka (Baptism 11/07/1905 / Death 01/11/1980)  md Hector Macarius D’Andrado.
    • Doreen Marian Olga D’Andrado (b 08/02/1932 of 152, Mahawatte, Grandpass) md George Bastian (md  28th June,1947).
      • Rajan Benildus Bastian (Benny) md Malkanthi Sudharma Premani De S Wikkramatilleke (md 7th May 1988)
        • Emashi Nihara Wikkramatilleke Bastian md Bulathsinhalage Anthony Chinthaka Shehan Cooray (md 7th December 2013)
        • Oshani Devram Wikkramatilleke Bastian
    • Hector Dennis Anthony D’Andrado. (b 9/10/1934)
    • Franklin Joseph D’Andrado. (b 29/03/1933)

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